At Ease in a Body Fighting Gravity

Roz Warren, University of Chicago alumna, is interviewed on the Today Show

On Monday, August 8, 2013, Roz Warren, Class of '77, appeared on the "Today Show" to talk about an essay she had written for the New York Times, "At Ease In A Body Fighting Gravity," about the fact that she's more comfortable in a bathing suit at age 58 than when she was in her youth, when she actually had the body to rock a Speedo. As she states, "being interviewed, live, with 5 million viewers tuned in, made me grateful, once again, for my U of Chicago education, with its emphasis, not on looking groovy in swimwear, but on thinking clearly and expressing myself effectively. Decades later, the skills I learned at the College continue to serve me well. "

Roz Warren writes for the New York Times, the Humor Times and the Huffington Post, and for countless other venues from Girlfriendz to Good Housekeeping. She’s also the editor of twenty humor collections, including Men Are From Detroit: Women are From Paris and Women‘s Glib. You can connect with Roz on Facebook at and email her at

Here are links to the article in the New York Times and to the Today Show segment.

 More of Roz' articles may be read on her website, Additionally, Roz has published the article, "Are there really men's books and women's books?"in the 9-27-13 issue of the Christian Science Monitor