UnCommon Core | Provenance: The Artist's Hand, The Scientist's Gaze

Join the CWA during Alumni Weekend to celebrate the arts through a lively panel discussion.

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UnCommon Core | Provenance: The Artist’s Hand, the Scientist’s Gaze

The CWA invites you to join this lecture taking place during UChicago Alumni Weekend! Discussion will be centered around how works of art pose many questions that neither art nor science alone can answer. This lively discussion will explore the sleuthing, the drama, the politics, and the science behind determining the attribution and authenticity of paintings. 

Discussion participants: 

Melina Blees, Postdoctoral Scholar
STAGE @ Institute for Molecular Engineering

Nancy Kawalek, Professor and Distinguished Fellow in the Arts, Science, and Technology
Institute for Molecular Engineering

Anne Leonard, Curator and Associate Director of Academic Initiatives
Smart Museum of Art  

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