A White Historian Confronts American Slavery

The Chicago Women's Alliance is sponsoring Dr. Susan Strasser, an award-winning historian and Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians, to lead the open and thoughtful discussion.

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“A White Historian Confronts American Slavery” is the first in a series of illustrated talks entitled “A White Historian Reads Black History,” by Dr. Susan Strasser of the University of Delaware. Dr. Strasser began to develop this series in response to the murders at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (2015) and the growth of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Dr. Strasser's premise that the role of slavery was a central institution in American economic development, and that its attendant horrors were more awful than most Americans want to believe, are just the starting point for this discussion. We hope to provide an opportunity to thoughtfully explore and address contemporary issues of race and racism with which many of us are currently grappling.

Dr. Strasser's work has been praise by the New Yorker for "...retrieving what history discards: the taken-for-granted minutiae of everyday life."
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Sabrina McCarthy

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Alexandria Schultz, AM'13


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